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No More Liberal Roulette – Commentary Magazine


Let’s acknowledge that the Tea Party played Russian roulette with America’s future. Which means it took 5 bullets out of the loaded revolver the U.S. had to its head and gave the country a fighting chance.

But it wasn’t enough. S&P has lowered our credit rating from AAA to AA+. We’re a worse bet than the UK, France, Canada, Germany, and 11 other countries that still enjoy triple-A status.

Did this happen because the ratings agency saw that American politicians weren’t playing nicely? The uncertainty of the debt-ceiling debate contributed to the decision, but only in that it cast doubt on the U.S.’s ability to do precisely what S&P had said was necessary to avoid this outcome—the enacting of serious spending cuts.

The Tea Party was trying to stop the very thing that has now come to pass. Their critics mistake dire economic reality for merely “playing politics.” No one was interested in tying up the Democrats just to make them look bad. The brinksmanship was about halting the federal debt and the threat it poses to us all. In reality, the Obama administration began this discussion at the brink. When the debt-ceiling first came up, Democrats wanted no spending cuts, period. Forget Russian roulette, that’s liberal roulette and the odds are 100% against survival. Anything that the GOP proposed afterward was necessarily a walk back from the edge.

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