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The GOP Should Be Mindful Of August And Take Back Up Holding the Line – RedState


A funny thing happens each August in Washington. The politicians leave and the press gets bored. It is the August silly season where stories start that sometimes snowball.

Monica Lewinsky started around August. The Chandra Levy story started in August. The “does Bush vacation too much” story started around August. The Cindy Sheehan stories started around August/ When the House GOP parked itself on the floor of the House with the lights out, that too was August.

These stories take on a life of their own with a bored press covering no news. So we can expect that the debt ceiling story and the credit rating will take on a life of its own. And we can already see online and in the press that the White House spin will be to blame the GOP and Tea Party.

The White House no longer has a commander in chief in charge, but a professional victim. Last week, it was the Arab Spring, those damn Europeans, Mother Nature, etc. Now it is all about those evil tea partiers.

Read More at RedState.

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