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Civilization, Barbarism and the Burning Streets of London – Peter Wehner


Watching the streets of London and other British cities burn is painful for anyone who has visited that great nation. Abe has a fine post on how to explain what has unfolded in Great Britain during the last four days. “There are parts of our society that are not just broken but frankly sick,” Prime Minister David Cameron said. “When we see children of 12 or 13 looting it’s clear there are things that are badly wrong in our society. There is a complete lack of responsibility in some parts of our society. People are allowed to feel the world owes them something and that their actions don’t have consequences.”

But what is happening in Great Britain has also happened, to one degree or another, in Greece, in France and in other European nations. One can sense a growing fear that what is occurring is not isolated but a deeper discontent afflicting the West.

I have written elsewhere that what is unfolding in nations throughout the West, including in America, are the predictable effects of increasing dependency on the state, which creates certain expectations and patterns of thought, including an entitlement mentality, and where every concession that has ever been gained is viewed as an unalienable right and therefore irreversible. This may also be the result of an increasingly large underclass out of which rises a tangle of pathologies.

Read More at Commentary Magazine.

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