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Washington doesn’t know best – Sen. Mike Lee


President Barack Obama recently called the 16 months leading up to the 2012 election a critical period to “debate [our respective] vision[s] for America.” He noted that much of the debate will focus on government’s role “in creating the kind of growth that we need.”

The president seems to think he will win that debate. I say — and I hope every Republican candidate for president says: Bring it on.

It’s well past time to have a spirited debate over the proper role of government, and the proper reach of government into our lives. Clearly, there are two very different visions for what this role should be.

One vision assumes that government is the problem-solver of first, and last, resort. Every issue we face as individuals and as a nation should be addressed, controlled, regulated, overseen and “fixed” by the government.

Under this paradigm, we can restore economic prosperity only by maintaining or expanding the federal government’s current spending levels — even if it means we engage in perpetual, large-scale deficit spending.

The other vision rests on the opposite assumption: the firm conviction that individuals have sovereign rights and responsibilities to control their actions and their fate.

Read More at Politico.

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