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Question time for Republicans – George Will


Wednesday’s Republican “debate” in California will not resemble the 1858 Lincoln-Douglas debates, in which one candidate spoke for 60 minutes, the other responded for 90 minutes and his opponent had 30 minutes for rebuttal. Still, today’s debates (“What is the meaning of life? You have 30 seconds”; “One word answer, please: Keynes or Hayek?”) can illuminate. So, some questions.

For Mitt Romney: One day recently you said, “I’m not for tax cuts for the rich. . . . I want to make sure that whatever we do in the tax code, we’re not giving a windfall to the very wealthy.” The next day you said you support the Bush tax rates. Would making the Bush rates permanent constitute a tax cut? Who is “rich” or “very wealthy”? Does allowing people who make lots of money to keep lots of it constitute a “windfall”? In 1996, you called a 17 percent flat tax “a tax cut for fat cats.” Have you always used epithets like “fat cats”? What annual income or net worth defines “fat cat”? Are you one? Should economically successful Americans generally be stigmatized? […]

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  1. Jay permalink
    09/03/2011 10:52 pm

    Dearest George,

    Thank you for again straining to exclude Ron Paul. We appreciate you sticking to the script and reminding those rubes who they should vote for.

    See you at the Country Club.


    The Republican Establishment

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