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A New Revelation Reveals why German Labor learned to Despise “Really Existing Socialism.” – Ron Radosh


On this labor day, a story in the British Telegraph sheds new light on the respect for working people held by the thankfully no longer existing German Democratic Republic, or DDR, the Stalinist state in East Germany that fell with the collapse of Communism. In theory, of course, the socialist states, or “really existing socialism,” as the “People’s Democracies” were referred to, expressed the interests of the world’s working class, that was busy building socialism. As we all know, had the late Communist leader Erich Honaker not ordered construction of the Berlin wall, three-quarters of the population would have voted with their feet and fled to West Berlin.

One of the ways the East German regime maintained its power was with lucrative contracts with Western capitalist firms that obviously welcomed a regime whose work force was forbidden to strike, and that could be guaranteed to produce at the lowest wages possible and with no leverage to use in bargaining with their employer—the East German state. But the news story released today makes the usual arrangement seem benign. […]

Read More at Pajamas Media.

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