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Drunkblogging the GOP Presidential Debate – Vodka Pundit


4:43PM I don’t (yet) have a horse in this race, which gives me a freedom of action tonight that not all right-leaning bloggers enjoy. And I’ll take complete advantage of that. But please remember that no matter who the nominee ends up being, I would almost certainly chew on barbed wire for the chance to vote for him or her over President Obama next year.

Which means that when I say “Ronulan” or “Palinista” or “Bachmannite,” I say it with love for the candidate and for you.

Well, except for you Huntsman people. Assuming you exist.

4:49PM Here come the candidates. If you squint, you can just see past Mitt’s hair and Rick’s teeth.

4:49PM It’s so cute how they let Newt and Huntsman up there with the big candidates.

4:53PM Watching Chris Matthews and Howard Fineman handicap the candidate reminds me a lot of eunuchs teaching the benefits of abstinence.

I think maybe this goes for Peggy Noonan, too.

4:55PM What’s with Bob Shrum tonight? I’m thinking his face is on a Lollipop Guild milk carton.

4:56PM Good Ron Paul ad, except for the part where he leaves out that he loved Reagan so much that he left the party in ’87. And then he resolutely stayed out of the party until he wanted a seat in Congress.

5:01PM Hey, MSNBC talent and crew — raise your hand if this is the first and last time you’ve ever been to the Reagan Library.  […]

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  1. Sara Stewart permalink
    09/07/2011 9:08 pm

    This is too funny!!! But really true because I just watched the debate!!

    • 09/08/2011 9:07 am

      I am surprised that the candidates would willingly subject themselves to the likes of the lefty crew doing the questions. I hope the other candidates will follow Newt’s lead and continue to point out the bias and dishonesty of the typical liberal questioning session.

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