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Vacationing With Dear Leader – George H. Wittman


Apparently North Korea’s Kim Jong-il just had to take a summer vacation. What better place to go than Siberia? In a year filled with power shortages, reduced food supply, and recent flooding, the DPRK has had its usual collection of problems. Time to go visit the luxuriantly cool waters of Lake Baikal, thinks the Dear Leader.

Oh yes, and while splashing about in a pool filled with Baikal’s water (Kim’s security detail warned against actual lake swimming), why not have Dimi Medvedev drop in at some nearby military base like Sosnovy Bar for a little chat? While waiting for the Russian president to arrive, Kim was escorted around a hydroelectric plant. Such fun! As Kim is petrified of flying, he traveled from North Korea in his sumptuous and heavily armored train, well stocked with his favorite foods and booze. After all, it was a vacation.  […]

Read More at The American Spectator.

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