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In Historic Match-Up, Reaganomics Trounces Obamanomics – Human Events


The brand-new nickname for Barack ObamAA+ symbolizes America’s total net jobs created in August: Zippo.

So, how many jobs emerged in August 1983, the analogous point in Ronald Wilson Reagan​’s presidency? 280,000. Proportional to today’s population, that equals 367,360 new hires.

Citizens pondering Obama’s jobs speech, and how to get America working, again should focus on today’s great experiment. Ronald Reagan’s supply-side mixture of tax cuts, deregulation, and sound money competes directly against Obama’s big-government blend of Keynesian stimuli, rampant red tape, and promiscuous printing of money — as if dollars were wallpaper. The late Reagan trounces the leisurely Obama.  […]

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