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The Wipeouts in New York and Nevada – Commentary Magazine


Word just came that Bob Turner has won the special election in New York’s ninth Congressional district—perhaps by as much as 10 points—while it was a foregone conclusion earlier tonight that in Nevada’s second, Mark Amodei had won the special election there with at least 60 percent of the vote.

Both Turner and Amodei made the president the chief target of their campaign ire, and the Democrats in both races ran as far from Barack Obama as they could. And they were wiped out anyway.

These may prove to be among the most suggestive special-election results in modern American history. The Democratic candidate Harris Wofford​’s win in the 1991 special for Senate in Pennsylvania proved a harbinger of Bill Clinton​’s victory in 1992, and Republican Scott Brown’s win in Massachusetts in January 2010 presaged the shellacking in the midterms last year. If Obama loses next November, the writing on the wall will have appeared tonight.  […]

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