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A Conversation with Justice Breyer – Hugh Hewitt


Justice Breyer is worried.

Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court Stephen Breyer came through California this week, with stops at Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace and in my radio studio.

In both places he was talking about his book Making Our Democracy Work: A Judge’s View, and in his extended conversation with me we returned again and again to the question of whether we are in an era marked by a crisis in judicial legitimacy.

You can read the transcript here.

We covered a lot of ground including the Guantanomo Bay cases, Bush v. Gore and the subject of political reapportionment. (To help with the next round of terror-related jurisprudence, I gave the justice a copy of Lawrence Wright’s The Looming Tower as he left, and I hope every member of the Court reads it before the subject returns to them again.)

Readers can chose for themselves which parts, if any, they found most interesting of our spirited exchanges, but the recurring theme, like that of Mr. Justice Breyer’s book, is why do Americans respect and obey the decisions of the Court?  […]

Continued at Townhall.

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