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Union Power Chicago Style Exposed. How the Labor Leaders Really Serve the Working Class – Ron Radosh


This story, had it come out a bit earlier, would have been the perfect Labor Day special. It is not what the AFL-CIO union bosses want its membership to hear. We all recall President Obama standing on the podium with Richard Trumka and the other labor chieftains, railing about the need to “take out” the Republicans, and give the workingman the dignity, salaries and other perks they need to end income inequality and to become empowered. “Tax the rich,” they all scream—apply the

“Buffet law” and see to it that the regular employee pay a lower tax than the greedy billionaire, who like Buffet, sets up businesses, employs people who earn a living, and yet supposedly engages in no activity of a worthwhile nature except to see to it that he personally gets rich. As old Karl Marx might have once said, confiscate the property of the bourgeoisie, redistribute the wealth to the working class, and allow them to become the masters of society.

Well, it seems that Marx’s dream is coming true in Chicago, but not exactly in the manner in which he thought it would occur. No social revolution, no mass movement, no movement of the working class to power through the long march through the existing institutions that the Gramscian New Left once proposed. Instead, it is taking place through the long evolved mechanism of Chicago style corruption, developed over the years by the Daley senior machine in the city that started Barack Obama on his way to political power.

So kudos to The Chicago Tribune for breaking this news to its readers, who can now ask Mayor Rahm Emanuel to do something to change the political culture, now that he is the local leader, having gained the post after leaving his city for White House service, and returning to it with having used national duty to obtain what previously had eluded him—the top political spot in his home town.


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