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In Arizona, Nibbling Away at Free Enterprise – George Will


Cindy Vong is a tiny woman with a problem as big as the government that is causing it. She wants to provide a service that will enable customers “to brighten up their days.” Having fish nibble your feet may not be your idea of fun, but lots of people around the world enjoy it, and so did some Arizonans until their bossy government butted in, in the service of a cartel. Herewith a story that illustrates how governments that will not mind their own business impede the flourishing of businesses.  […]

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  1. Sara Stewart permalink
    09/26/2011 2:47 am

    Love this blog!! But got to call you on this one the reason it was called out(fish thing) was because of hygiene and possibly passing bad germs that can make the body very sick!! Not
    sanitary at all!!

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