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Candidate Obama’s Class Warfare – Brian H. Darling


Forget trying to govern. President Obama has gone all in on class warfare.

Don’t expect any of his stimulus or deficit-cutting ideas to pass Congress. They’re not designed to pass in a House controlled by Republicans. They’re designed to pit middle-class and poor voters against job creators and the Tea Party’s low-tax philosophy.

The President’s legislative plan to stimulate the economy is a miniature version of his failed stimulus plan. Congress won’t pass another expensive bailout of the states and giveaway to Big Labor wholly funded with higher taxes.

Obama’s submission to the Super Committee contains $3 trillion in gimmicks and tax increases over the next 10 years, which will purportedly slice $3 trillion off the national debt. He claims a “cut” of more than $1 trillion in connection to the planned wind-down of the conflict in Afghanistan and Iraq. Obama raises $1.5 trillion with most of that new revenue on the backs of individuals making more than $200,000 and families making in excess of $250,000.

President Obama declared that his latest plan is “not class warfare, it’s math.” Wrong. This is class warfare, and it is the type of math that would send a fourth-grader to summer school. The President is in reelection mode and setting up Congress to take the fall for the abysmal failure that is Obamanomics.  […]

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