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Demolition Can Be Fun – The Brussels Journal


1. Consistency deserves praise. As so often, a significant portion of our species is stubborn. Some of these score high in the realm of stupidity and the “meanly crooked.” Take Germany’s “Left Party”. Its antecedent Communists lost power when the “GDR” folded, after which it called itself “The Party of Democratic Socialists”. It did not matter that the terms used ignore a choice to be made. In practice, the preference for “socialism” over “democracy” had always been clear. It is therefore no surprise that the party has congratulated Fidel Castro for the “successful activity” which distinguishes his presence in politics. It is to be doubted that they meant to praise the Leader for keeping masses of 1950 vintage American cars continue to run circles around his junkyard. The other achievement is that he stayed in power by keeping his people handcuffed. Quite an achievement if compared to the entity that the Kremlin had set up in the Soviet zone of occupation. It checked out once Moscow could not send tanks to maintain “panzer-Communism” there.  […]

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