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ObamaCare Reaches the Supreme Court – John Hayward


On Wednesday, the National Federation of Independent Business petitioned the Supreme Court to review a decision from the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals regarding ObamaCare. The Obama Justice Department feels good about its general track record defending the law in appeals courts, and has also filed a petition with the Supremes.

The Administration could have kept things bottled up in the 11th Circuit for a while, but most observers agree it would go all the way to the highest court sooner or later… and if “later” meant after the 2012 elections, there might have been a very different Justice Department arguing the government’s case, with decidedly less enthusiasm.

A Supreme Court battle fought during the height of the election would make the unpopular law into dinner-table conversation at a moment when the President doesn’t want voters choking on all the things his signature legislation forces them to do. Victory now would give Obama some campaign talking points, while defeat at this early date would leave him with time to recover.  […]

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