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Why America Needs Herman Cain – Ed Kaitz


Niccolò Machiavelli once said that “the man who adapts his course of action to the nature of the times will succeed, and likewise, the man who sets his course of action out of tune with the times will come to grief.”

What I’d like to argue in this essay is that based on the current “nature of the times” in America, Herman Cain must be the GOP nominee for president. In fact, Cain’s nomination represents what could be the last and best opportunity Americans have to pry our battered country out from the clutches of the increasingly strident, divisive, and Marxist pro-Obama Democrat left.

Conversely, if the nomination goes to Rick Perry or Mitt Romney, it will simply confirm my suspicion that the GOP base is absolutely clueless when it comes to appreciating the unique contours of the American left’s long-term strategy to undermine our nation’s constitutional heritage and disposition.  […]

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