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Peter Schiff Versus Occupy Wall Street, Round Two – Fox Nation


Yesterday’s crowd-pleaser from MRC TV was just an appetizer. Here’s the main course via Reason — almost 19 minutes of Schiff taking on all comers at Zuccotti Park like some sort of Austrian-school ninja. Watch for the part where he breaks out the rhetorical nunchucks against regulation on grounds that everyone wants to pay lower prices for goods and is duly informed by a guy in a Guy Fawkes mask and keffiyeh that … no, not everyone does. There’s your “Obama 2012″ campaign slogan, I guess.

Elsewhere in the park, the revolution might not be televised but apparently it will be catered. With one caveat: You only get to eat if you’re doing something productive for the cause, like drumming 15 hours a day. You see, the people’s mess hall doesn’t have time for … freeloaders.

Watch the video at Fox Nation.

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