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I Stand With The ‘One Percenters’ – Arnold Ahlert


Make no mistake about who these people are. This is the true face of a progressive movement which can no longer mask the ugliness of its failures.


According to the mobs occupying Wall Street and other financial centers around the nation, they represent 99% of the country. That’s means out of a nationwide population of roughly 300 million people, they speak for 297 million of us. Well not us. I’ll take my chances with the other 3 million, or the One Percenters if you will. And I have a solution for dealing with people like me: quarantine us.

Why quarantine? Because with us out of the way, say in some remote location is West Texas where there’s a lot of open space, or on an island where we can be kept completely apart from the general population, the last remaining obstacle to the workers’ paradise envisioned by the discontented will be removed. The Marxist-inspired re-distributers will be free to re-distribute, the unionists can unionize to their heart’s content, and the generally disaffected can wallow unimpeded in their disaffection. […]

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  1. Sara Stewart permalink
    11/17/2011 1:25 pm

    I`m all for this !

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