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01/15/12 The Abolition of Gender – Fay Voshell


The far left in Europe and America has attained the same phantasmagoric and orgiastic repudiation of reason as their predecessors, the leaders of the French Revolution.

The hopes of egalitarianism embraced by the leaders of the French Revolution included eliminating real and perceived inequities by abolishing class distinctions, which project included killing off the aristocracy and clergy while de-Christianizing society. They hoped by so doing to begin society anew.

However, in their wildest dreams, none of the leaders of the mobs ever advocated the elimination of gender as a means of establishing liberté, egalité et fraternité.

But the addled progeny of the Revolution, here and abroad, are seeking to do just that. The hope appears to be that the end of discrimination will be achieved by rendering the sexes fungible — or better yet, nonexistent. The elimination of gender distinction and the establishment of androgyny are to usher in communal utopia.

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