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02/09/12 Jim DeMint’s Uncompromising Victory – Human Events


Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) welcomed CPAC attendees with a rousing speech about the importance of victory over compromise. He’s a soft-spoken man, but he makes a great half-time coach. With all due respect to Clint Eastwood and his “half-time in America” Superbowl ad, this really is the second half for the Tea Party. What began in 2010 must be completed in 2012, or they will have won only the most temporary of victories.

DeMint made a Super Bowl reference during his own speech, pointing out that the victorious New York Giants didn’t take the field to “work with” the other guys or “cooperate” with the opposing quarterback. He pointed out that the goals of the Democrats are so diametrically opposed to Republicans that, on the greatest issues facing us, there is no room for “compromise,” which only works well when the two parties have shared goals. “Every time we ‘compromise’ with Democrats, we spend more, borrow more, and grow the government,” he sighed ruefully.

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