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05/21/12 Why Conservatives Must Join the Battle for America On Twitter


Twitter is the online equivalent to “Easy Rider,” the 1969 film that changed Hollywood forever. When that film hit and became a national sensation, a whole generation of filmmakers were ready to capitalize and take over the industry because they had spent years in television and film learning their craft. In this same way, Twitter came of age after conservatives had already spent a decade-or-so learning their craft online through blogs. We learned how to write, how the media works, and how to fight. Twitter arrived and when it did, our foundation to utilize it effectively was already in place.

Yes, now we are winning, but the left will never stop adapting and neither should we. Even if we oust President FailureTeleprompter in 2012, that’s just the beginning of the beginning. This is an eternal war of inches and it requires tireless patriots unwilling to give up even one of those inches.

If you’re not on Twitter, sign up immediately. Watch, learn, pick your spots and then … fight.

I’m convinced that by ending the left’s corrupt bottleneck of the flow of information, Twitter has become the most important political invention since the American Constitution; and like that document, we must cherish, protect, and use it.


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